When the speech condemns a free press, you are hearing the words of a tyrant. - Thomas Jefferson

The pen is mightier than the sword ✍🏻 #Scam-tos

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Hi Michael, I live in Sacramento County California. We happen to have a good local newspaper, The Sacramento Bee. While they do seek "balance" by posting editorials from National conservative columnists, they have a great internal staff of investigative reporters and an outstanding editorial department. The main problem, of course, is cost. Because so few people read, the circulation has dropped significantly from around a million or so, to a couple of hundred thousand. Annual subscriptions have gone from around $50 to around $400. It seems the bigger the city, the more renowned the paper, the more likely it is to be bought out by the unscrupulous plutocrats, and less reliable the "news". The Washington Post, a once reliable source is now owned by Jeff Bezos - so much for quality.

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I am watching Republicans vote for a criminal to hold the Speaker of the House. The lowest point in American history.

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This is every name I could find in an article tied to recon tours in the house.

Andy Biggs AZ

Lauren Boebert CO

Matt Gaetz FL

Louie Gohmert TX

Paul Gosar AZ

Marjorie Taylor Greene GA

Jim Jordan OH

Barry Loudermilk GA

Rodney Davis IA

Jim Banks IN

JANUARY 5, 2021

The CCTV feeds at the Capitol Building recorded these GOP members giving 'reconnaissance' tours to Capitol insurrection groups.

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Timothy Snyder, the historian and author of several books on authoritarianism, published an essay today on Substack about lying in politics. But the point he made near the end is that we don’t have adequate local newspapers anymore; and that is why so many things are missed, and he also suggested it’s why our democracy is in danger. So I am pasting this link in here because I think you’ll all find it very interesting. 


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Thank you

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Liz Cheney,

Very pro democracy, historic speaker of the house, first one not a sitting member, and first LGBT Speaker. And it will piss off Donald Trump!

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It is time for us to gather our own innate storytelling skills and tell truth.

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Get Nancy to find 4 GOP women and get a good hearted GOP women take over out of blue.

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It seems to be the GOP house meme era at risk of Aid and comfort removal of office voting for the person other than McCarthy. Kevin McCarthy is himself going down.

Is this political theater, the orange circus peanut loves tabloid drama?

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Great ideas! I live in a really, really red area. Matt Gaetz is our Congressman. I know, I feel like I am doomed.

We have a local newspaper that leans red, but they do report on local political corruptions that are caused by Republicans. We have almost no Democrats in elected offices. Since 2016, our organization has been supporting and running Democrats.

Someday, we just might win.

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Always uplifting- I love this concept of expressing oneself- I find writing cathartic “there are elected officials who have committed murder”- remember hope floats all boats. What if we had all our high schools learning through being active participants- investigative reporting. Thank you Michael

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I would suggest taking a look around and seeing what local online publications are out there. Here in our currently Republican 11th district of Georgia, we've got the Marietta Daily Journal that serves Cobb County, The Daily Tribune News that serves Cartersville in Bartow County, and the Tribune and Ledger News serving Cherokee County.

I just saw an article (12/28/22) in the Cartersville online version where the mayor of the city was castigating religious groups for trying to help the homeless. "This city is not in the subsidized housing business..." He's speaking on behalf of the power structure in place.

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Can democrats nominate a Republican?

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Or if they know someone else that is pro Democracy

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