I'm not from the 3 Abrahamic faiths. Two of those religions (Christianity and Islam) has murdered and killed millions because they believe their religion is the only one and everyone should convert or be killed. Jews were often their target in the past 2000 years. Hamas (shia radical islam sect) wants to wipe them out.

I abhor what is happening. I'm old. How would you have wanted Israel to respond?

And it's now all made more complex with a radical christian sect working inside Israel to bring forth the End of Days battle between Christianity and Islam.

Won't any of us wake-up? Christianity and Islam are 'converting' religions. They destroy others.

From an old woman

We have TWO and only two choices

1. To continue toward a Great Global Destruction.

For us who were not born into the 3 Abrahamic faiths, we despair at how much hatred and war and global destruction has been brought under the name of some ‘god’.

2. OR we can begin a Great Global Renewal based on the Great Global Truths that have always and will always exist.

Women must lead them. Men must live them.

1. We are ALL one humanity. We all blink, cough, and can tighten our muscles. Any woman can get pregnant by any man. Any child can be brought up in any culture, religion, language, part of the world. We use Distorted Mind Beliefs to deny and suppress this Truth and see ‘Us’ and ‘Other’.

2. We are ALL born naked. Every Woman knows this. We are made to feel shame or unsafe due to Distorted Mind Beliefs and denied the Truth

3. We are ALL born equal because the sun shines on each of us. Distorted Mind Beliefs deny and suppress this Truth.

4. We ALL live on one planet shared with the Commons (Waters, Airs, Soils), All Species and Each Others. We use Distorted Mind Beliefs as a reason to kill one another, The Commons and Species.

5. Women carry and birth the Future Generation of Women and Men

6. Women are the First Teachers to the Future Generation of Women and Men

7. When Women do NOT teach the Great Truths, then Women teach Distorted Mind Beliefs.

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I read your message with great interest. You describe my feelings from about 12 years ago. At that time I made a trip to Israel. I toured the Galilee and met with some messianic Jews . They were there to bring Jews to Jesus ( something they themselves had experienced)

I spent 6 nights in Jerusalem and every night I heard planes flying at low altitude over the St David hotel . I asked some of the staff and the tour guides what was happening. They reported that the bomber flights were flying across Jerusalem to bomb the Gaza Strip, apparently it was a regular happening. I returned to Canada after my vacation expecting to hear the thoughts about the bombings. Imagine my surprise!..... no one knew anything about it. Since that time I have closely followed the news.

During my stay our tour guide was an American of Jewish faith and our tour bus driver was a Palestinian of Islamic faith. At times we crossed into Palestinian controlled territory our tour bus driver took us but our guide could not accompany us due to his Jewish background.

In Bethlehem we met people who were living a life that looked the way it was in Jesus time. They were a little apprehensive about us but we were permitted to have freedom to tour around. We also went to the Walls of Jericho. It was about 6:30pm and the daylight was starting to fade. Our Palestinian driver asked if we could take a quiet walk around the site, they agreed! As we left I decided to go over to say thank you to the guards for permitting us a leisurely stroll and we shook hands. Within minutes all the guards were shaking hands with all our tour group we smiled and thanked them. Wow it was a United Nations moment!

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This was a United Nations moment! But, it's been reduced by intent over the years. This graph interested me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GCXhKpoml0&t=174s

We can't change the past. We can only 'work for the future'. We can't keep 'fighting against' because that just leads to 'fighting against'. We must 'work toward'.

Perhaps you know what the Torah or Quran says about our human relationship to stuff. In the Christian bible it says: 'man has dominion of the Earth'. Imagine if it had said: 'Mankind has a caring responsibility to all the Waters, Airs, Soils, Species, and Each Other'.

I've followed the radical Christian movement for decades but Robert P. Jones helped explain it. Watch him. He's gentle, brilliant, evangelical and explains how this all started.

It also explains why people south of the border do not consider themselves to be 'people of color'. Be in touch to chat further.

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Winter Green,

I just watched that youtube link you posted and found it fascinating. Most of it was not news to me but the way it was presented was terrific and to the point. If there is a solution to the problems the people in Palestine and Jerusalem face, it must include the education of the people and the formation of a government that is truly non-sectarian and responsible for the entire area, not two states and not with areas for each religious group. As long as the living continue to believe the way the dead have (that your religion defines you and everyone in your family for all time, and that your government must be affiliated with your religion), there is no solution for these people’s problems and nothing any of us can do to help them except care for their injured and take in their displaced.

Americans face this same issue. If the far right religious get their way, we will be a Christian nation and join the Palestinians, Iranians, etc. in killing each other. Instead of helping our neighbors, we will be shooting them. Pity, there was so much promise in the American Way when it was devoid of religious dogma....

Don’t people understand how they can have their beliefs and live with their neighbors too????

All the best,

Frustrated David

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In light of Lauren Boebert, MTG, Nikkie Haley, Sarah Pallen, "Gina" Thomas, etc. ... (and for me, way long time before MAGA existed), I STRONGLY disagree with the blanket statement of "let women ..."

It was a WOMAN that lied on Emmett Teal. WOMAN took their children to picnics at lynchings. The ANTI-feminist, anti-abortion movement was spearheaded, vocalized and popularized by women. It's called MOMS for Liberty that are currently pushing book banning. So I ask you, and anybody else, to reconsider blanket Pollyanna statements about women. There is a reason they sometimes are called "bit**".


African-American / Black

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Hi Karen ... I actually had to buy a subscription in order to reply but I had to. Yes, Women can have Distorted Mind Beliefs as well. Yes, Men can follow these Great Truths. And, it's sort of the 'chicken' or the 'egg'. Yet, at the core, Women are the only 'get pregnant'. Women can pass on Distorted Mind Beliefs as well. Everything's symbolic. Nothing is symbolic. The Great Truths will always exist. Whether they are perfectly lived is another question. We are now in The World, no longer in our specific place. Our Responsibilities are in The World now.

I send this around because I believe without some Universal understanding that we always feel disconnected. I have worked in pregnancy and birth for 50 years but from a skills-based approach. 100% of pregnant women will give birth one way or another whether miscarriage, termination, c-sect, vaginal birth. It's an activity each woman does with her baby without exception and has throughout Time/Place. And all pregnant/birthing women birth better with some level of skills.

But what is more Universal is that both Women and Men blink, cough, or can tighten their muscles. This may seem silly but my world-view is our Universal first and Specifics second.

I've also lived in many cultures so I've experienced both our Universal and Specifics. To slightly shift. I don't know what the Quran or Torah says about humans/others/earth. I only know (but I am not a Christian) that their bible says: 'Man has dominion over the planet'. Imagine instead: 'Mankind has a caring responsibility to all the Waters, Airs, Soils, Species, and Each Other'. We won't do 'perfect', however, we'd have something. The Great Truths are a Something rather than the other option of Despair.

With kind regards. Thank you for your reply. Happy holidays to you and family. I guess, I'm now a member.

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I concur, especially with regards to white women who have historically supported and continues to support white supremacy and white male patriarchy in America. They have done this throughout history even against their own self-interest, whether it was the right to vote or recent fights for the right of body autonomy regarding abortion/birth control. Basically, they have done this to preserve their status as second on the social/political/economic ladder behind white males.

Affirmative Action was passed only after white men in Congress demanded that it include women as a “minority” protected class, even though women have always been the majority in the population. However, they never intended for the legislation to benefit Black, Brown or Indigenous women.

Thus, white women have been the beneficiary of 93 percent of all Affirmative Action since its inception. Yet, white women are the main group to file lawsuits claiming Affirmative Action discrimination. They do this with the support of the ancillary beneficiaries of affirmative action, e.g., the white male members of their families such as their husbands, fathers, uncles and brothers, etc.

During the last two presidential elections, a “women are the savior” tactic has been used to divide the Black community by suggesting that the vote and turnout of Black women were the decisive if not only factor in election victories for Democrats, which is BS. This divide and conquer tactic suggest that Black men are irrelevant or even potential race traitors who are willing to vote against the interest of the Black community.

As a thrice-degreed well-educated and learned Black man, including a Masters in Economics and a Juris Doctorate, I worked through the ranks of the federal service with many white women who didn’t have 1/3rd my education but earned as much or more than I did. So, I know the "women makes only $.77 cents on the dollar as men" is propaganda.

And for those who think Hilary Clinton would have been the answer, she along with her “co-president” husband Bill, did more harm to Blacks/Africans in America, Haiti, the Caribbean, and Africa than any two American politicians in history.

Yes, there have been great women leaders in the world. However, just because they are women does not mean their policies will be better. For example, with very few exceptions, the current women heads of state around the world have adopted the same despicable and shameful position as the men leaders about the genocide unfolding in Palestine/Gaza.

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Appreciated ...


African-American / Black


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Karen, Winter, Eric and Cinquex,

As Einstein said “Brilliant people are not brilliant all the time.”

And thank you all for reminding us that stupidity does not discriminate.

My mother told me that she would never vote for a woman because elected officials were supposed to be men. She also was staunchly anti-abortion and anti-women's rights. She was a product of both her times (the 1920s) and very opinionated, loud, religious men.

I truly am hoping that times have changed. If brilliant women could challenge brilliant men to better leadership…. If only.

All the best and happy holidays.

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Dec 13, 2023·edited Dec 13, 2023

Not to get too embroiled but the suburban Mom brigade seem like an impenetrable and terrifying lot in respect of lack of federally funded schools. My wife was someone that was driven in the opposite direction* by her mom during the whole bussing escapades. "peeps" don't normally think of that as an actually mandated directive and yet civil disobedience was rife and rifle in the "Burbs" from respectively defiant Moms (and indirectly Dads probably).


* Opposite in direction to the vector that Harris cites in her Joe Biden "Debate".

- even the history of the past 30 years on a local level is full time job to reconstruct.

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I agree with you! And also, I would add..., is there a possibility of exempting retired teachers from having to pay for a subscription! I asked the same question to Professor Robert Reich and he hasn’t answered me... 🤓

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Reich's site is completely overrun by spambots - not like here.

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I served in Vietnam aboard the Hospital Ship USS Sanctuary (AH-17). The conflict in GAZA reminds me of this service. In Vietnam we used the body count to demonstrate progress. Q: How do you know they're Viet Cong? A: They're Dead. Q. How do you know they're Hamas? A: they're dead. Thank you, Henry Kissinger.

I write to try to get the Navy to send over their hospital ships off of GAZA. No tunnels, no command and control centers, no arms supplies or rockets, no excuses. Send the Comfort and the Mercy to the Mediterranean. Stat. For them, it will be good training and an introduction to compassion in the middle of a war. It sends a different message than two aircraft carrier strike groups.

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Thank you for the sounds of experience. I was flying in Vietnam the whole year of 1971. And I worked in DoD for almost 38 years. There is so much truth in so many of the comments to Michael’s podcasts that I find the comments like yours as beneficial to me as Michael’s. Please keep them coming. I was 19 when I figured out that no one in Vietnam was getting better because Americans were there to help. And no one got better because of the bullets or bombs we threw in all the other conflicts we have been in since. In the Naval War College they teach to lead with economic assistance and reform quickly followed by Justice System reforms if you want to really help people in another country. Only send military when US persons are directly threatened or harmed, period. Problems arise when other countries directly interfere with their neighbors autonomy and invade them or supply weapons to terrorist organizations to create chaos. So for the most part, people across the entire world never get a chance to understand what the hell is happening or why. The reality is exceedingly complex and convoluted on purpose. But if everyone did understand the reality of what was happening and why, they would all go out into the streets and Rage Against The Machine.

All the best,


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I too, glean a lot of information out of reader's comments. I've found that commenters give a lot of info in publications such as WaPo and NYTimes that add to the article. It helps to get a generalized perspective as to what's been written.

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Thank you, David.

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Great idea, Toby. Wouldn't hurt to send some ships to give the Palestinian people refuge and safety too. So long as we screened carefully to keep all members of Hamas off both refuge and hospital ships.

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Thanks, Fay. One caution: When I was in Vietnam we kept score with the "body count". Q. How do you know they are Viet Cong? A. They're dead. Q. How do you know they are Hamas? A. They're dead. This conflict is a great recruitment tool for Hamas and literally for Arabs all over the world. The treatment of Gaza as the world's largest open air prison speaks for itself. Their crime? Being Palestinian/living in Palestine.

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Agreed Toby, which is why I empathize with the Palestinians and not with Hamas. I realize, of course, that once dead it's hard to tell Palestinians from Hamas, or eve from some Jews, since originally they were all Semitic. Any terrorism is deplorable whether it comes from Hamas, Netanyahu, Hezbollah, or own American terrorists. They are all a blight o society with no redeeming qualities - sort of akin to trump and netanyahu.

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In my opinion ... We need to STOP saying Israel, and instead say "Netanyahu and his far right government". To keep saying Israel versus .... , we are in some form or fashion, keeping alive a false opposition of X against Israelis/Jews.

The real truth is Netanyahu is the driving force and enabler of right wing extremest among Israeli citizens. It is no small thing that Bebe was kicked out of office before, that he is only marginally popular, is currently and/or has been in the recent past, been under criminal indictment, has recently attempted to dismantle the Israeli Supreme Court, and was aware of this possible attack for over a year. Israeli citizens (most but not all citizens are Jews), including the military, have been protesting against him. Bebe has also been reported to be part of that faction in the past that nurtured Hamas as an opponent to the PLO. In essence, he created the demon that now plagues them. Even now, Israeli citizens are going to his home to protest against HIS WAR against the Palestinians. Netanyahu is Israels 45. We need to call him and HIS WAR by HIS name, not continue to say Israel, Israel, Israel.

To keep saying Israel, keeps setting up this incorrect mindset of being against Israeli's and in turn Jews. That is NOT the case. Indeed, both inside and outside of Israel many Jews are at the forefront of protesting against this genocide and saying loudly "Not In Our Name"

We need to call out and name the REAL source of all of this. This NETANYAHU's war of genocide.


African American

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Dec 11, 2023·edited Dec 11, 2023

We've all heard, and all innately understand the truth of "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind," yet here we are, almost the year 2024, standing by as spectators, watching yet again as Jews and Arabs continue this blind tradition. Yes, of course Israel has a right to respond to the Hamas atrocities, but not stupidly, not out of blind rage, not bombing of entire residential buildings to target a mobile rocket truck or a couple guys with a rocket launcher on foot ! Yes, of course Hamas were and are assholes for what they did, and it wasn't just the initial attack....it's their, and IRAN'S, deliberate use of the Palestinian civilian population....not just as cover, but as intentional martyrs, knowing the self-righteous, indignant and indiscriminate over-reaction of the Israeli army under the thug Netanyhu will be seen on the World stage, and set public opinion against Israel, no matter how evil Hamas' first day of attack was.

Iran lit the fuse, and then the self-righteousness of the self-professed "chosen people" stepped in it. I think we all believed the hype they were smarter than that.

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Oh Michael, I've been so worried that we haven't heard from you since the beginning of November. Very concerned about Gaza and Israel so will be looking forward to your thoughts on this.

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Hard to take this seriously since the evidence shows clearly that JC never existed. So easy to sucker people who think they are bad and have a contract to avoid hell if they pray to the big guy in the sky and his fake son. All the pagan myths which we now abhor are the same story. Shows how ignorant people were then--obviously they were illiterate and most never even travelled more than 20 miles from their birth spot in the dirt. But similar to us now in the same deviousness of marketing whether religion or "wellness."

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I was fortunate enough to watch the R & R Hall of Fame ceremonies live and I was literally sobbing, throwing my fist up in the air, clapping, hollering "Right On" during Tom's acceptance speech. I had goose bumps. It sent me down a whole new rabbit hole afterward, actually learning things about this band and these men. My sons, who are now in their mid 30's were fans of Rage Against the Machine as teens. Their music (my sons') used to worry me, it sounded so angry, I couldn't understand much of the lyrics, the name "screamo" seemed so fitting. Now I get it. It's never too late to gain fuller understanding of the people who inhabit this beautiful planet. I remember thinking about making t-shirts that said Tom Morello for President! Thank you Michael for sharing this once again. I hope it inspires people like it did me. It ignited hope once again for me, made me lift my weary spirit back into the fight - these past years have been soooooo exhausting. But now is not the time to give up. Thank you!!!! And yes, women need to be at the helm now, it's time.

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I will continue to ask, respectfully, that we pause and reconsider blanket statements. The blanket statement "Let the women lead" category is one example. I do NOT want Lauren Bobert, MTG, Gina Thomas, Sara Pallen, Nikkie Haley, etc., etc., etc., leading ANYTHING!

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Please deliver some positive message on the genocidal butchering of Palestinians in Gaza. Try Netanyahu (and the people that provide his weapons of war) at The Hague.

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The Ivy League absolutely flunked out. But...The devil whooped as he whooped of old [Elise Stefanik] is clever,[she’s Harvard educated], [and she’s an opportunistic Trump fascist].

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Comment deleted
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The list of Harvard right wing nut jobs is endless……

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At first their music was hurting my ears, the music sounded like screaming, and I had a hard time tolerating the music until you started talking Michael, but after I herd the band leaders speech, the music sounded better to me. The US, EU, Australia, and others contributors, did not send Israel money just to help them live, it was to create a major military power in the middle east, to control the other countries, in case they want to create a nuclear reactor, to refine Uranium into weapon grade Uranium, and then build nuclear weapons. This was a major project of the US to help in their empire building. The united States, EU, Australia, and the other countries, that supply Israel and will do anything the US says to do. That is why all these countries are putting out lies, Propaganda, and disinformation, so the public will not know that Israel is conducting genocide, against the Palestinian people, because Israel wants their land to expand their own people and culture. It is incredible that Israelis are such hypocrites, after what happened their people in the 1930's and 40's, they have no problem murdering, and being so brutal to the Palestinian people. The part where Hitler was exterminating the Jews, is what Israel is doing to the Palestinians, if I hear Jewish people crying about what Hitler did to them, I will bring up what they are doing to the Palestinians.

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I hate to be captain obvious here. I’m for peace. I hail the divine withIN ALL of my brothers and sisters. Transcend. We are All together here, and the time is always NOW. #worldpeace10000

What is the solution to others in such disruptive moods? Hell Bent to destroy their neighbors.and hide beneath schools and hospitals, and threaten to kill those that attempt to flee. (Other than two states) Enough hate. Honestly. deranged hate of ANY of our brothers and sisters is mental illness. ( how much is ENOUGH God?)The greatest generation( we already agreed! NEVER AGAIN! and yet , Here we are looking at crimes against humanity all day ,everyday, and waiting for an EPM to wipe out the net . The Greatest Generation is STILL here AS ARE those they trained .

Scouting shared the wisdom of those that had been here on North America for 9000 years before colonization. KNOW HISTORY (no book bans) Do Better! We ALREADY said NEVER AGAIN!

When “ VP “ is your 2nd favorite president in the world. Today’s GOP (NAVALNY?)

Iron pipelines of weapons flooding our urban zones. The price of “freedom” making our cops jobs more difficult AND deadly . Proven solutions are readily available. It’s called VOTING!

Make SURE you are registered and by any means necessary VOTE! If this just makes sense feel free to pass it on.Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Peace to ALL. the time is NOW! (it always IS)

The KKK60s that as the Ramones said : “took our baby away” by killing off those that advocated peace among men. AND it usually IS men. The PLO and Israel already agreed on two states. Enough with the crimes against humanity. on BOTH sides. and mental health for everybody, maybe a little meditation? a proven solution. past is gone. Time is NOW (always is) as John and Yoko said: WAR IS OVER(if you want it)

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If memory serves me right - it's an EMP - High Altitude exploded nuclear bomb (Electro magnetic pulse) that completely wrecks all micro chips. So yeah - the interwebs might be wrecked but good old DARPA net buried deep keeps chugging along.

Fun fact the Russians use miniaturized vacuum tubes in their fighter jets back in the day and are not affected by EMP(s). Mig had to make forced landing in Japan in the 80s.

Speaking of things buried.

MJ: writes "Scouting shared the wisdom of those that had been here on North America for 9000 years before colonization. KNOW HISTORY (no book bans) Do Better! We ALREADY said NEVER AGAIN! "

Kinda getting Kennewick man "Vibes" the military installation that didn't want to sustain physical evidence of European origin of 9000 year old remains - and so as to not politically upset the local first nation's people the whole quasi archeological excavation was completely obliterated and the remains of Kennewick man are in a vault somewhere.

But in the USA it IS common practice to give back handers to corrupt archaeologists just to look the other way.

In the right hands and right minds the Earth and soil speaks from the past.

Never the less those Biblical Archeology guys can go fuck themselves - bunch of whackadoo numpties if ever there woz.

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Dec 13, 2023·edited Dec 13, 2023

Never thought I'd need a Goonie-box for my survival but them vacuum tubes be impervious to EMP(s).


Never watched the Goonies - maybe I should.

Indianan Jones Dial of Destiny was quite a lark .

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YUP yer Smasung TV ain't gonna work after an EMP.

Don't throw out yer CRTs. Cathode Ray Tubes - esp SONY late model graphics monitors that can actually Doooooo HD in analog CRT*.


* Back in the day CRT didn't stand for critical race theory - [Cathode Ray Tube].

** Back in the day BLM stood for Bureau of Land Management.

It's an invasion of replaced acronyms .

Ohhh well just gotta go with the flow.

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For the past two hundred years the wealthy and entitled have used their power to incite the working class to hate and kill people of different religions, colours and nationalities. It is time to stop supporting any politician or political party that is using your tax dollars to perpetuate this crime against humanity.

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Thanks, Michael, for bringing us Rage Against the Machine. My comments are on your comments regarding Gaza/Israel. First Hamas are not militants, they are terrorists. Hamas doesn't give two hoots in hell about the Palestinians, they view them as fodder against Israel. Their only stated goal is to kill Jews and wipe Israel off the map. With the financial and moral support of Iran they keep Palestinians penned up in concentration "refugee" camps.

While Israel's neighbors, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE have made peace, Iran - which doesn't even share a border with Israel continues to stir up hatred.

No, I am not supporting Netanyahu. He is as evil as Donald Trump. He unlawfully and wrongfully encouraged the militant Jewish settlers to steal land in the west bank. Israel is not out of land for expansion but Netanyahu, like the Iranians, is greedy. Netanyahu is also wrong to kill Palestinians civilions of any age; they are the victims here.

If I ruled the world (which thankfully I don't) I would isolate Iran, North Korea, and Russia; cut off all trade in either direction; all communication; not allow anyone to enter or leave that trio of evil. Until such time as the people living there gave up their leaders to World Court and vowed never again to try to steal land or damage any other country for any reason.

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Good to find you here again! Where've you been?

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Just remember: a Z-list celebrity real estate crook with a reality TV sideshow got to be President.

So what does it say about *our* will power if it’s always the toxic and the dysfunctional that ever get to win?

- Cornel West as President is impossible only if we don’t try.

Finkelstein Interviews Cornel West


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You cannot simultaneously glorify slaughter while actively speaking against it. Thank you for not making me sit through another Moink commercial.

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