Thank you, Michael, for your unending courage to speak out and clarify what is REALLY going on in this country!

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I have always appreciated your brutal honesty when it comes to the reality that the media and so many others wish to whitewash.

My grandmothers would remind us when they saw the statues of people like Stalin and Robert E. Lee that we were never ever to forget the horrors that were committed by them and the people they controlled. So if this memorial does come about, then we must never ever forget the lies, atrocities, war crimes, and crimes against humanity that go along with that "memorial". I say this as a USAF veteran and Gold Star Daughter who had siblings who served, best friends served, AND lost the man I was supposed to marry on New Year's day 2006. He was KIA in Iraq two weeks before his unit was supposed to return and finally retire. Instead of a wedding, I was flying home with what remained to bury him.

We have met the enemy and it is US! It is because of our air of exceptionalism and colonialism that there is such poverty and evil in our own country and in our colonies around the world.

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Btw Michael, I’ve been a fan since you were on Phil Donahue over two days at the old Whiting Auditorium in Flint promoting Roger & Me. Half the audience was with you and half wanted to attack you. You’ve never been afraid to call it as you see it, even when it upsets many. I’m from Grand Blanc and many of my friends love you but many loathe you. Many haven’t even seen your films, they just watch Fox, Newsmax etc. and believe everything they spew about you.

Thank you Micheal for your voice and keep chugging along, we need you and we’ll be helping as well!

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Thank you, thank you so much for this well written and incisive article.

I am 83 years old and so frightened at the course this country has taken.We need leaders who are examples of courage and have the imagination to envision a better future for the generations to come by also confronting our past and learning from our mistakes.

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Thank you Michael!

You put in words what some think.

Everyday our own citizens are terrorizing their neighbors!

A car plowing down dozens at a Christmas parade!

Awarding a gun to a 18 year old who has killed two citizens and wounded another…

Just one day I would love to hear just the good news!

You are my trusted truth teller!

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Thank you for your honesty, integrity, and courage to speak your truth which is the truth of the MAJORITY of us if anyone asked and then published the real conversation without editing/censoring/spinning the words to fit the narrative. We are IN 1984 just somewhat late. You said it all - Hitler was elected by a democratic society. It not only can but IS happening here right now. The reason? Greed and power - money

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Damn, MM, don’t you talk pretty. That was hard to read. The stark naked truth of the matter.

The monumental sadness of the matter. The colossal stupidity, icy cruelty and corruption that addiction to power causes. Seeing it in my country (again) makes me embarrassed and ashamed. I have seen it in myself (what horror) and cannot any longer allow that. The ugly mess you present is impossible. Here we are the supposedly most intelligent beings on earth and because we cannot manage our fear, we are hurting each other, destroying our home and ourselves. Forgiveness will take a little time, centuries at least.

I have hurrahs for you, slender threads of hope rising up from your words. Hopes, wonderings, how many will be able to hear, and choose the hard work of facing their fears, rather than forcing another person to bear their burden.

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I fail to understand why we as Americans continue to think we are the victims, and insist that we need more weapons because we are AFRAID of "terrorists" who hate us for our "freedoms"

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Well said Michael!

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You always get it right, Michael. Our problem is our corporate media sees everything with $$ signs, thus loves to brainwash even educated white folks with lies and distortions. When will America wake up?

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excellent analysis - as usual, YOU knock it out of the park!

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There needs to be a concerted effort to figure out a way for everybody to have the opportunity to be their best self. Contented people don’t have the need to disturb the peace of others. There are too many living lives of hopeless desperation.Stop wasting money on wars and invest in the people of America.

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I guess it would be dangerous to protest this immoral expenditure of our tax money to deface our public property. Because those of us who would, are not aggressors.

I have been wondering how America survives, at all. when one side is not aggressive.

“America refuses to admit we have a problem.”

One of my favorite movies in recent years is “JoJo Rabbit” not just because it was very well done and creative. Because it depicts one town and how some of the people lived on, amidst what looks dangerous and devastating to others.

I have to admit it feels awful realizing our country is not only not helping the environment, we are a huge part of the problem. We send arms around the world, not help or food. We don’t even help the countries we destroyed. America is empowering the worlds aggressors so those of us who are non-violent are in big trouble.

The rabid human threats that have existed for the black community, in the form of beatings, killings, lawless action and incarceration; is now a threat to all of us. Our outrage of murderous police, and they’re disregard for human life, did not bring us together for good.

The result instead is the police are more powerful and the white supremacists are winning.

Over the last five years we’ve lost our judicial system, our government, our voting right's.

The various candidates we worked so hard to put in this year, have no power and corporate America didn’t even have to spend as much as usual control the out come, they only had to pay off two people⁉️

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Thank you Michael. For decades I have been saying that we (the USA) is creating such bad karma, and one day it will come back to us. It is writings such as yours that bring out the truth. We must stop inflicting violence on the world and make amends for what we have done. Unfortunately, I don't see the powerful willing to do this. I don't think they can because they have sold their souls to the devil. Our hope lies with you, your suscribers, the youth and all who are awakened. Each day we must do our small acts of kindness, hold onto love and keep from letting fear take us down.

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I'd be more impressed with a memorial to our extraordinarily brave America whistle-blowers. Exposing white collar corruption is far more dangerous than dropping bombs on women and children.

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Ironically interesting that Memorial Day used to be called Armistice Day; one celebrating warriors and the other peacemakers. Everything MM says here is absolutely factual, the real history of what this country has done and the ensuing cover-ups and lies about it all. But it must be remembered that there are many, hopefully most, Americans that disdain and are horrified by that history recounted here and have worked in their lives to right those wrongs and change the American character as D.H. Lawrence depicted it.

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