Introducing "The Moore Store"!


For over 30 years fans have asked if I sold ball caps or T-shirts of my films or my other works. I never had the time to do it, so I’d often just give the person on the street asking me for “merch” the hat that was on my head. So many teams and schools and other filmmakers would randomly send me their ball caps, so I never really ran out.

But now with my new podcast — “Rumble with Michael Moore” — which just surpassed its 30 millionth download, plus my new Substack column (with 570,000 subscribers), people are once again asking, “Where’s the merch?”

So here it is! A portion of all proceeds will go to support progressive issues and movements and also to help reinstate the arts and civics in our public schools. All items are proudly Union made and/or printed in the United States. I’m starting with the following most-asked for items from all of you.

Thanks so much to the millions of you who have watched my movies, read my books, and now listen to my Rumble podcast or read my online weekly Letter. And many thanks to the 10 million of you who follow me on social media. Wear me proud and help me support the efforts which will eliminate the filibuster, raise the minimum wage and fight to restore music, theater and civics to our schools!

Go to The Moore Store here and enjoy!


Visit The Moore Store Here