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Laurel Krause

Laurel Krause is the co-founder and director of the Kent State Truth Tribunal. Her sister Allison Krause was killed at Kent State University on May 4th, 1970.

February 15th, 2014 11:17 AM

Final Update to the Kent State Truth Tribunal Submission to UN Human Rights

The Kent State Truth Tribunal (KSTT) was founded in 2010 upon the emergence of new forensic evidence regarding the May 4, 1970 Kent State massacre. KSTT is a non-governmental organization focused on revealing truth and bringing justice to Kent State victims and survivors. Representing Allison Beth Krause, 19-year-old student protester slain at Kent State University on May 4, 1970: Doris L. Krause, mother and Laurel Krause, sister.
The Kent State Truth Tribunal seeks an independent, impartial investigation into the May 4th Kent State massacre (Article 2 (Right to remedy); Article 6 (Right to life); Article 19 (Right to freedom of expression); Article 21 (Right to peaceful assembly)).
In 2013 KSTT submitted information and a shadow report to the United Nations Human Rights Committee surrounding the May 4, 1970 Kent State shootings where Krause family member Allison was wrongfully killed. KSTT Submission:, KSTT Shadow Report:
US military bullets silenced Allison Krause’s protest against the United States war in Vietnam and President Nixon’s announced escalation of the war into Cambodia. On May 4, 1970, Allison stood and died for peace.
From the revealing Kent State forensic evidence emerging in May 2010, we learned:
“Participating American militia colluded at Kent State to organize and fight this battle against American student protesters, most of them too young to vote but old enough to fight in the Vietnam War. And from new evidence exposed forty years after the massacre, numerous elements point directly to the FBI and COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) as lead agencies managing the government operation of the Kent State massacre, including the cover-up, but also with a firm hand in some of the lead-up.”
In 2012 when the US Department of Justice refused to examine the new Kent State evidence, the US government also failed to recognize that there is no statute of limitations for murder in any US state, applying equally to evidence, investigations and inquiries. There are also concerns regarding reports of the FBI illegally tampering with and destroying Kent State evidence.
Just last month a news story from ‘Burglars of the 1971 FBI Files’ uncovered an extensive body of evidence concurring with KSTT findings that the FBI and its secret army, COINTELPRO, was charged with targeting the “New Left” to silence American antiwar protesters.
Kent State was a driving force behind the acts of FBI File Burglar, John Raines:“Protesters, like the Raines, became increasingly convinced the FBI was conducting a covert campaign against them … tapping the phones and infiltrating antiwar groups. We knew the FBI was systematically trying to squash dissent and dissent is the lifeblood of a democracy.”
With more evidence pointing to FBI involvement in the Kent State massacre and the fact that four young American student protesters were killed at the state-instigated event, we hope members of the Human Rights Committee will regard Kent State as a unique case of impunity. It is imperative to hold the United States government accountable for these human rights violations so that not one more American protester dies at the hands of their government.
American  leadership has exhibited a complete failure to conduct fair, credible, independent inquiries spanning back to the killing of peaceful student protesters in the Sixties and early Seventies at Orangeburg for civil rights and at Kent State, Jackson State against the Vietnam war. 
At the heart of the killing of American protesters is the FBI, continuing to operate with absolutely no oversight nor accountability.
Even in 2013, the FBI is more interested in claiming its incredible perfect record than in performing as a capable, ethical, investigatory arm of American leadership. American citizens call for the FBI to conform to legal, humane ethos yet the US justice system offers no venues to examine wrongful acts of the FBI or to pursue legal remedies, justice for homicide committed by the State.
We must redress the democracy-damaging inhumanities of Kent State and reclaim the possibility for American justice. Our call is for the protection of protesters in 2014 and for future generations to be able to know the truth of the 1970 Kent State massacre.
1) When will the United States institute an official, independent, impartial analysis into the new forensic evidence found in the Kent State tape?  Seeking all opportunities for UN Human Rights Committee facilitation.
2) What action is the United States taking to ensure any reported excessive use of force, or other human rights violations in the context of peaceful protests, are investigated and prosecuted in a prompt, impartial and independent manner so the perpetrators may be held accountable?
3) What action is the United States taking to implement UN Human Rights Council resolution 22/10 on the promotion and protection of human rights in the context of peaceful protests?
READ the Kent State Truth Tribunal final update to the United Nations, Human Rights Committee as the United States readies for it’s 4th Periodic Human Rights Review to be held March 13 and 14, 2014 or 021414KSTTICCPRUpdate

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